About Abby Coykendall

I am an accomplished freelance editor and former English professor known for going above and beyond to ensure project quality.

Why hire me?

I have a doctorate in English, a certificate in professional editing from the University of Chicago, indexing credentials from the American Society for Indexing, and specialized training in medical and science writing. Moreover, I have decades of experience in book and journal editing, in mentoring and collaborating with other writers, and in publishing my own and others’ scholarly and creative writing.

Above all, I can be trusted to do editing and indexing projects correctly and conscientiously, and to return them to clients well before the due date. Indeed, I have never missed a deadline, not even during the 10 years that I served as editor of the Journal of Narrative Theory—each issue went to the printer fully copyedited, to be proofed and readied for distribution on schedule.

Types of work

I welcome opportunities to edit and index (and to read!) writing outside my original specializations of cultural studies, gender studies, and British literature, whether the work be a trade or academic book; an art, history, science, or social-science journal article; government, non-profit, reference, or educational materials; or even personal memoirs and self-published novels. I also welcome opportunities to edit and/or index works focusing on health and healthcare, having concentrated on medical editing at the University of Chicago.

Personal background

I am a freelance editor and book indexer living and working in the Detroit Metro Area, with a home in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and an office in nearby Ann Arbor. After graduating with honors from the University of Arizona (with a double major in Philosophy and English, and minors in Math and Psychology), I received a doctorate in English from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. Shortly afterwards I became an English professor at Eastern Michigan University, where my publication record led to early advancements to Associate, Full, and finally Emerita Professor in 2022. At Eastern I helped develop new programs in emerging fields like LBGTQ+ and Critical Disability Studies, while teaching classes for the English and Women’s Studies departments up to the graduate level—including Film and Narrative Studies, Critical Theory and Women’s Writing, the British Novel, the Gothic Novel, and the Novel in a Global Perspective, along with, of course, Research, Writing, and Composition. I launched my freelance editing business Assurance Editing, LLC, in 2023 after finishing a professional editing certificate from the Graham School of the University of Chicago and book-indexing training from the American Society for Indexing.

See a complete list of honors, employment, and awards on LinkedIn.